Governing Markets as Knowledge Commons

Governing Markets as Knowledge Commons

Kuchar, Pavel; Dekker, Erwin

Cambridge University Press






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Introduction. Governing markets as knowledge commons Erwin Dekker and Pavel Kuchar; 1. The contribution good as the foundation of the industrial revolution Terence Kealey and Martin Ricketts; 2. On the social evolution of knowledge Renee Prendergast; 3. Individual sovereignty and coproduction of knowledge governance Edward J. Lopez; 4. Common sense commons: the case of commonsensical social norms Brett Frischmann; 5. Conventions as shared cognitive infrastructures Young Back Choi; 6. Property rights, knowledge commons, and blockchain governance Darcy W. E. Allen, Chris Berg, Sinclair Davidson, and Jason Potts; 7. Knowledge commons, social infrastructures, and informal markets: the case of informal trade credit in India Yugank Goyal; 8. Entrepreneurship and governance in the Scotch whisky knowledge commons Michelle Albert Vachris and Kyle Vachris; 9. Trolling in the deep: managing transgressive content on online platforms as a commons Julien Gradoz and Raphael Raux; 10. Crowdfunding the Queer Museum: a polycentric identity quarrel Carolina Dalla Chiesa; 11. Understanding different qualities of the knowledge commons in contemporary cities Youn Sun Won and Arjo Klamer.
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