Artificial Intelligence and International Economic Law

Artificial Intelligence and International Economic Law

Disruption, Regulation, and Reconfiguration

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Preface; 1. Artificial intelligence and international economic law: disruption, regulation, and reconfiguration Shin-Yi Peng, Ching-Fu Lin and Thomas Streinz; Part I. Systemic Shifts in the Global Economic Order: 2. Trade law in a data-driven economy: a call for modesty and resilience Gregory Shaffer; 3. Global law in the face of datafication and artificial intelligence Rolf H. Weber; 4. Trading AI: economic interests, societal choices and multilateral rules Dan Ciuriak and Vlada Rodionova; Part II. Reconceptualizing WTO Law for the Ai Economy: 5. Trade rules for industry 4.0: why the TBT agreement matters even more Aik Hoe Lim; 6. Autonomous vehicle standards under the TBT agreement: disrupting the boundaries? Shin-Yi Peng; 7. Convergence, complexity and uncertainty: AI and intellectual property protection Bryan Mercurio and Ronald Yu; 8. Are digital trade disputes 'trade disputes'? Yuka Fukunaga; Part III. Data Regulation as AI Regulation: 9. International economic law's regulation of data as a resource for the AI economy Thomas Streinz; 10. Data protection and artificial intelligence: the EU's internal approach and its promotion through trade agreements Alan Herve; 11. Data portability in a data-driven world Frederike Zufall and Raphael Zingg; Part IV. International Economic Law Limits to AI Regulation: 12. Public moral, trade secret, and the dilemma of regulating driving automation systems Ching-Fu Lin; 13. International trade law and the data ethics: possibilities and challenges Neha Mishra; 14. Disciplining artificial intelligence policies: WTO law as a sword and a shield Kelly K. Shang and Rachel R. Du; V. Reconfiguration of International Economic Law: 15. Across the great wall: e-commerce joint statement initiative negotiation and China Henry Gao; 16. The next great global knowledge infrastructure land rush has begun: will the US or China prevail? Jane K. Winn and Yi-Shyuan Chiang; 17. Trade law architecture after the fourth industrial revolution Lisa Toohey.
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