After the Human

After the Human

Culture, Theory and Criticism in the 21st Century

Vint, Sherryl

Cambridge University Press






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Introduction Sherryl Vint; Section I. After Humanism: 1. Historicizing Posthumanism Veronica Hollinger; 2. Poststructuralism and the End(s) of Humanism Stefan Herbrechter; 3. Postmodernism Jonathan Boulter; 4. Embodiment and Affect Michael Richardson; 5. Requiem for a Digital Humanist Marcel O'gorman; Section II. New Objects of Enquiry: 6. Machines, AIs, Cyborgs, Systems Bruce Clarke; 7. Animals Susan Mchugh; 8. Life 'itself' Nadine Ehlers; 9. The Anthropocene Gerda Roelvink; 10. The Inorganic Magdalena Zolkos; Section III. Posthumanities: 11. More-than-Human Biopolitics Sonja Van Wichelen; 12. New Materialisms Stacy Alaimo; 13. Speculative Realism: the Human and Non-Human Divide Brian Willems; 14. Race and the Limitations of 'the Human' Mark Minch-De Leon; 15. Speculative Fiction Sherryl Vint; 16. Aesthetic Manipulation of Life Ionat Zurr and Oron Catts.