History of Chilean Literature

History of Chilean Literature

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Introduction Ignacio Lopez-Calvo; Part I: Proto-Chilean, Colonial Chronicles and Letters: 1. The Evolving Image of the Araucania and Its Conquistadors in Valdivia's Cartas de Relacion and Vivar's Cronica y relacion copiosa y verdadera de los reinos de Chile Maria de Jesus Cordero; 2. Alonso de Ercilla's La Araucana and Pedro de Ona's Arauco domado in the National Imaginary Stefanie Massmann; 3. Writing while Walking: Alonso Ovalle and Construction of the World's End Narrative in An Historical Relation of the Kingdom of Chile (1646) Rafael Gaune Corradi; 4. Empathy with the Mapuche: Rosales's Manifiesto apologetico and Pineda y Bascunan's Cautiverio feliz Andres Ignacio Prieto Pasten; 5. Subalterns Find their Voice: Testimonies by Black and Indigenous Women and Writings by Nuns during the Colonial Period Ximena Azua Rios; Part II: Nineteenth-Century Articulations of an Embryonic National Consciousness: 6. Rosario Orrego Castaneda (1831/34-1879) and Women Writers in the Nineteenth Century Carol Arcos; 7. The Feuilleton Tradition: Popular Literature Aimed at the Urban Reader Marina Alvarado Cornejo; 8. The Historical Novel: Independence, the War of the Pacific and 1891 Chilean Civil War Readings Eduardo Barraza; 9. From the Public to the Private: Autobiographies, Collections of Letters, Memoirs, and Diaries as Intimate Descriptions of the Formation of the Republic Lorena Amaro Castro; 10. Literature and Literary Markets Marina Alvarado Cornejo; 11. Modernization and Culture Maria Rosa Olivera-Williams; Part III: Beyond Chileanness: Heterogeneity and Transculturation in Canonical and Peripheral Twentieth and Twenty-First-Century Literature: 12. Gabriela Mistral, Chilean Women Writers, and Intersectionality Claudia Cabello Hutt;13. The Verse as Being in the World: Chilean Poetry Before, During and After Pablo Neruda, History, and Politics Luis Correa-Diaz with Greg Dawes; 14. Mapuche Poetry: Self-Definitions and Representation of the Chilean Cultures Magda Sepulveda Eriz; 15. The Translation Origins of Literary Mapuche Aesthetics Roberto Viereck Salinas; 16. Theatrical Trends and Social Changes in Chile: 1910-2018 Juan Villegas; 17. Jewish Voices, Chilean Literature Cristian Opazo and Marjorie Agosin; 18. Chilean Arabic Writing: A Desire for Integration into Mainstream Society Maria Olga Samame Barrera; 19. Asian Chilean Writing and Film, and Chilean Orientalism Maria Montt Strabucchi; 20. Croatian Chilean literature: Oscar Barrientos Bradasic's and Christian Formoso Bavich's Writing Eugenio Mimica Barassi; 21. Chilean American Writing since September 11, 1973 Guillermo Garcia-Corales; 22. LGBTQ Writing and Cultural Consciousness in Chile Ignacio Lopez-Vicuna; 23. Permutations of Selfhood in the Work of Jose Donoso Mary Friedman; 24. Isabel Allende, the Post-Boom, and Chilean Exile Literature Lila McDowell Carlsen; 25. Roberto Bolano, His Fiction of History, History of His Fiction Raul Rodriguez Freire; 26. Alejandro Zambra and Recent Chilean Narrative: From the Political to Autobiografiction Will Corral 27. Film and Literature in Chile: The Emergence of a Cultural Field Veronica Cortinez; 28. Violence and Memory: Human Rights, Redemocratization, and Literary Culture in Chile Moises Park; 29. Chilean Digital Literature Melissa A. Fitch; 30. Detectives at the End of the World: Approaches in Twentieth-century Chilean Literary Critique Alexis Candia.