Magical Realism and Literature

Magical Realism and Literature


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Introduction Christopher Warnes and Kim Anderson Sasser; Part I. Origins: 1. Magic and otherness Christopher Warnes; 2. Primitivism, ethnography, and magical realism Erik Camayd-Freixas; 3. Magical realism and indigeneity: from appropriation to resurgence Maggie Ann Bowers; 4. Insubstantial selves in magical realism in the Americas Lois Parkinson Zamora; 5. Space, time and magical realism Ato Quayson; Part II. Development: 6. Magical realism and the 'boom' of the Latin American novel Ignacio Lopez-Calvo; 7. Magical realism: the European trajectory Theo D'haen; 8. Beautiful lies: magical realism in Australasia Maria Takolander; 9. Myth, orality and the African novel Graham Riach; 10. Breaking boundaries: the tale of North American magical realism Shannin Schroeder; 11. East Asian magical realism Ben Holgate; 12. Magic and realism in South Asia Sourit Bhattacharya; 13. Fantastic cohabitations: magical realism in Arabic and Hebrew Alexandra Chreiteh (Shraytekh); Part III. Application: 14. From the inside of belief: magic and religion Kim Anderson Sasser; 15. Word, image, and cinematic ekphrasis in magical realist trauma narratives Eugene Arva; 16. Scheherazade in the diaspora: home and the city in Arab migrant fiction Jumana Bayeh; 17. Ecomagical realism in Alexis Wright's Carpentaria and Linda Hogan's People of the Whale Laura A. Pearson; 18. Proximate magic: magical realism in Haruki Murakami's 1Q84 Wendy Faris and Miho Nonaka; 19. Magic and the literary market Ursula Kluwick; Bibliography; Index.