History of Modern Psychology

History of Modern Psychology

Saugstad, Per (Universitetet i Oslo)

Cambridge University Press






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This book provides students with an engaging and global history of psychological science, from the birth of the field to the present. This text is an ideal introduction for advanced undergraduate students, as well as interested readers.
1. Introduction; 2. The scientific and intellectual environment of the mid-1800s; 3. The early physiological study of perception; 4. Expansion of German experimental psychology; 5. Phenomenology and Gestalt psychology; 6. Early British psychology; 7. British comparative psychology; 8. Russian reflexology; 9. The study of clinical psychology and unusual mental states in France; 10. Psychodynamic psychology; 11. Early American psychology (1890-1920); 12. Behaviorism; 13. Neobehaviorism; 14. Social psychology; 15. The psychology of personality in the United States; 16. The study of cognition in Europe and the United States, 1920-60; 17. Physiological psychology; 18. Revolt against traditions; 19. Important trends in the psychology of the 21st century.
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