Understanding the Leitmotif

Understanding the Leitmotif

From Wagner to Hollywood Film Music

Bribitzer-Stull, Matthew (University of Minnesota)

Cambridge University Press






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Leitmotifs are a type of associative theme found in dramatic music. In this book, Matthew Bribitzer-Stull explores the background and development of the musical leitmotif, from Wagner and art music to the Hollywood adaptations of The Lord of The Rings and the Harry Potter series.
1. Introduction: the leitmotif problem; Part I. Musical Themes: 2. Motive, phrase, melody, and theme; 3. Thematic development, thematic identity: musical themes and the prototype model; Part II. Musical Association: 4. The phenomenon of musical association; 5. Piece specifics, cultural generics, and associative layering; 6. From 'Nibelheim' to Hollywood: the associativity of harmonic progression; Part III. Leitmotifs in Context: 7. The paradigm of Wagner's Ring; 8. Leitmotif in Western art music outside the Ring; 9. The modern-day leitmotif: associative themes in contemporary film music.
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