Middle Ages in 50 Objects

Middle Ages in 50 Objects

Gertsman, Elina (Case Western Reserve University, Ohio); Rosenwein, Barbara H. (Loyola University, Chicago)

Cambridge University Press






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This extraordinary selection of objects from the European, Byzantine and Islamic worlds illuminates the rich cultures of medieval history.
Part I: The Holy and the Faithful: 1. Jonah Cast Up, c.280-290, marble; 2. Altar Front, c.540-600, marble; 3. Pilgrim's Flask with Saint Menas, 6th-7th century, terracotta; 4. Calyx (Chalice), 900s-1000s, blood jasper (heliotrope) with gilt-copper mounts; 5. Christ's Mission to the Apostles, c.970-980, ivory; 6. Feline Incense Burner, 1100s, copper alloy, cast and chased; 7. Leaf from a Qur'an, 1100s, opaque watercolor, ink, and gold on paper; 8. Arm Reliquary of the Apostles, c. 1190, gilt silver, champleve enamel, oak; 9. Virgin and Child, late 13th century; wood (oak) with polychromy and gilding; 10. Christ and Saint John the Evangelist, early 14th century, polychromed and gilded oak; 11. The Coronation of the Virgin with the Trinity, c.1400, oil on panel; 12. Christ Carrying the Cross, 1400s, painted and gilded alabaster; 13. Leaf from an Antiphonary: Initial H with the Nativity, c.1480, ink, tempera and gold on vellum; Part II. The Sinful and the Spectral: 14. Adam and Eve, late 400s-early 500s, marble and stone tesserae; 15. Curtain Panel with Scenes of Merrymaking, 6th Century, undyed linen and dyed wool; 16. Plaque from a Portable Altar Showing the Crucifixion, 1050-1100, walrus ivory; 17. Dragon's Head, 1100-1150, walrus ivory; 18. Bowl with Engraved Figures of Vices, 1150-1200, bronze; 19. Engaged Capital with a Lion and a Basilisk, 1175-1200, marble; 20. Leaf from a Cocharelli Treatise on the Vices: Acedia and Her Court, c.1330, ink, tempera, and gold on vellum; 21. Miniature from a Mariegola: The Flagellation, 1359-1360, tempera and gold on parchment; 22. The Madonna of Humility with the Temptation of Eve, c.1400, tempera and gold on wood panel; 23. Grotesques from the Hours of Charles the Noble, c.1404, ink, tempera, and gold on vellum; 24. The Virgin Mary Overcoming a Devil, ca.1473, hand-colored woodcut; 25. Demon in Chains, c.1453, opaque watercolor and gold on paper; Part III. Daily Life and Its Fictions: 26. S-Shaped Fibula, 500s, silver with garnets; 27. Button, 500s, rock crystal, garnet, granulated gold; 28. Solidus with Busts of Constans II and Constantine IV (obverse), 659-661, gold; 29. Bifolium Excised from a Carolingian Gradual, c.830-860, gold and silver ink on purple parchment; 30. Jug, 900s, gold with repousse and chased and engraved decoration; 31. Lion Aquamanile, 1200-1250, copper alloy; 32. Luster Wall Tile with a Couple, 1266, fritware with luster-painted design; 33. Leaf Excised from Henry of Segusio's 'Summa Aurea': Table of Consanguinity, c. 1280, ink, tempera, and gold on parchment; 34. Albarello with Two Hares, 14th century, tin-glazed earthenware (maiolica); 35. Mirror Case with a Couple Playing Chess, 1325-1350, ivory; 36. Table Fountain, c.1320-1340, gilt-silver and translucent enamels; 37. Barbute, 1350-1420, iron; 38. Time, from Chateau de Chaumont Set, 1512-1515, silk and wool; Part IV. Death and Its Aftermath: 39. Columbarium Tomb Plaque with the Monogram of Christ, 500-800, terracotta; 40. Single-Edged Knife (Scramasax), 600s, iron, copper, and gold foil; 41. Inscribed Tombstone of Shaikh al-Husain ibn Abdallah ibn al-Hasan, 1110, limestone; 42. Condemnation and Martyrdom of Saint Lawrence, c.1180, gilded copper, champleve enamel; 43. Leaf from a Psalter: The Crucifixion, c.1300-1330, ink, tempera and gold on vellum; 44. Diptych with Scenes from the Life of Christ, c. 1350-1375, ivory; 45. Death of the Virgin, c.1400, tempera and oil with gold on panel; 46. Mourner from the Tomb of Philip the Bold, 1404-1410, alabaster; 47. The Last Judgment: Leaf from a Book of Hours, 1430s, ink, tempera and gold on vellum; 48. Initial T from a Choral Book with Isaac and Esau, c.1460-1470, ink, tempera, and gold on parchment; 49. A Bridal Couple, c.1470, oil on panel; 50. Dance of Death: The Pope, cut c.1526-27, woodcut.
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