Middle Ages in 50 Objects

Middle Ages in 50 Objects

Rosenwein, Barbara H. (Loyola University, Chicago); Gertsman, Elina (Case Western Reserve University, Ohio)

Cambridge University Press






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The extraordinary array of objects from the European, Byzantine and Islamic worlds included in this volume illuminates the full and rich history of the Middle Ages. Lavishly illustrated, the book suggests how each object was used and understood within the wider cultural context in which it was made.
Part I: The Holy and the Faithful: 1. Jonah Cast Up, c.280-290, marble; 2. Altar Front, c.540-600, marble; 3. Pilgrim's Flask with Saint Menas, 6th-7th century, terracotta; 4. Calyx (Chalice), 900s-1000s, blood jasper (heliotrope) with gilt-copper mounts; 5. Christ's Mission to the Apostles, c.970-980, ivory; 6. Feline Incense Burner, 1100s, copper alloy, cast and chased; 7. Leaf from a Qur'an, 1100s, opaque watercolor, ink, and gold on paper; 8. Arm Reliquary of the Apostles, c. 1190, gilt silver, champleve enamel, oak; 9. Virgin and Child, late 13th century; wood (oak) with polychromy and gilding; 10. Christ and Saint John the Evangelist, early 14th century, polychromed and gilded oak; 11. The Coronation of the Virgin with the Trinity, c.1400, oil on panel; 12. Christ Carrying the Cross, 1400s, painted and gilded alabaster; 13. Leaf from an Antiphonary: Initial H with the Nativity, c.1480, ink, tempera and gold on vellum; Part II. The Sinful and the Spectral: 14. Adam and Eve, late 400s-early 500s, marble and stone tesserae; 15. Curtain Panel with Scenes of Merrymaking, 6th Century, undyed linen and dyed wool; 16. Plaque from a Portable Altar Showing the Crucifixion, 1050-1100, walrus ivory; 17. Dragon's Head, 1100-1150, walrus ivory; 18. Bowl with Engraved Figures of Vices, 1150-1200, bronze; 19. Engaged Capital with a Lion and a Basilisk, 1175-1200, marble; 20. Leaf from a Cocharelli Treatise on the Vices: Acedia and Her Court, c.1330, ink, tempera, and gold on vellum; 21. Miniature from a Mariegola: The Flagellation, 1359-1360, tempera and gold on parchment; 22. The Madonna of Humility with the Temptation of Eve, c.1400, tempera and gold on wood panel; 23. Grotesques from the Hours of Charles the Noble, c.1404, ink, tempera, and gold on vellum; 24. The Virgin Mary Overcoming a Devil, ca.1473, hand-colored woodcut; 25. Demon in Chains, c.1453, opaque watercolor and gold on paper; Part III. Daily Life and Its Fictions: 26. S-Shaped Fibula, 500s, silver with garnets; 27. Button, 500s, rock crystal, garnet, granulated gold; 28. Solidus with Busts of Constans II and Constantine IV (obverse), 659-661, gold; 29. Bifolium Excised from a Carolingian Gradual, c.830-860, gold and silver ink on purple parchment; 30. Jug, 900s, gold with repousse and chased and engraved decoration; 31. Lion Aquamanile, 1200-1250, copper alloy; 32. Luster Wall Tile with a Couple, 1266, fritware with luster-painted design; 33. Leaf Excised from Henry of Segusio's 'Summa Aurea': Table of Consanguinity, c. 1280, ink, tempera, and gold on parchment; 34. Albarello with Two Hares, 14th century, tin-glazed earthenware (maiolica); 35. Mirror Case with a Couple Playing Chess, 1325-1350, ivory; 36. Table Fountain, c.1320-1340, gilt-silver and translucent enamels; 37. Barbute, 1350-1420, iron; 38. Time, from Chateau de Chaumont Set, 1512-1515, silk and wool; Part IV. Death and Its Aftermath: 39. Columbarium Tomb Plaque with the Monogram of Christ, 500-800, terracotta; 40. Single-Edged Knife (Scramasax), 600s, iron, copper, and gold foil; 41. Inscribed Tombstone of Shaikh al-Husain ibn Abdallah ibn al-Hasan, 1110, limestone; 42. Condemnation and Martyrdom of Saint Lawrence, c.1180, gilded copper, champleve enamel; 43. Leaf from a Psalter: The Crucifixion, c.1300-1330, ink, tempera and gold on vellum; 44. Diptych with Scenes from the Life of Christ, c. 1350-1375, ivory; 45. Death of the Virgin, c.1400, tempera and oil with gold on panel; 46. Mourner from the Tomb of Philip the Bold, 1404-1410, alabaster; 47. The Last Judgment: Leaf from a Book of Hours, 1430s, ink, tempera and gold on vellum; 48. Initial T from a Choral Book with Isaac and Esau, c.1460-1470, ink, tempera, and gold on parchment; 49. A Bridal Couple, c.1470, oil on panel; 50. Dance of Death: The Pope, cut c.1526-27, woodcut.
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