Byzantium, Venice and the Medieval Adriatic

Byzantium, Venice and the Medieval Adriatic

Spheres of Maritime Power and Influence, c. 700-1453

Cambridge University Press






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Introduction Magdalena Skoblar; 1. The Adriatic Sea 500-1100: A Corrupted Alterity? Richard Hodges; 2. Thinking of Linking: Pottery Connections, Southern Adriatic, Butrint and Beyond Joanita Vroom; 3. A Winter Sea? Exchange and Power at the Ebbing of the Adriatic Connection 600-800 Francesco Borri; 4. The Origins of Venice: Between Italy, Byzantium and the Adriatic Stefano Gasparri; 5. The Northern Adriatic Area between the Eighth and the Ninth Century: New Landscapes, New Cities Sauro Gelichi; 6. Provincia Iadrensis: Heir of Roman Dalmatia or a Still-Born Child of Byzantine Early Medieval Adriatic Policy? Trpimir Vedris; 7. Ravenna and Other Early Rivals of Venice: Comparative Urban and Economic Development in the Upper Adriatic c.751-1050 Thomas S. Brown; 8. Byzantine Apulia Jean-Marie Martin; 9. From One Coast to Another and Beyond: Adriatic Connections through the Sigillographic Evidence Pagona Papadopoulou; 10. Icons in the Adriatic before the Sack of Constantinople in 1204 Magdalena Skoblar; 11. The Rise of the Adriatic in the Age of the Crusades Peter Frankopan; 12. Venice in the Twelfth Century: Between the Adriatic and the Aegean Michael Angold; 13. Venice, the Ionian Sea and the Southern Adriatic after the Fourth Crusade Guillaume Saint-Guillain; 14. Sea Power and the Evolution of Venetian Crusading Christopher Wright; 15. Reassessing the Venetian Presence in the Late Medieval Eastern Adriatic Oliver Jens Schmitt; 16. 'Strangers' in the City? The Paradoxes of Communitarianism in Fifteenth-Century Venice Elisabeth Crouzet-Pavan; Conclusion Chris Wickham; Index.
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