Kremlin Strikes Back

Kremlin Strikes Back

Russia and the West After Crimea's Annexation

Rosefielde, Steven (University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill)

Cambridge University Press






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This book assesses the prospects for resolving the conflict between Russia and the West in the wake of Russia's annexation of Crimea.
Part I. Crimea's Annexation: 1. Vendetta; 2. Annexation; Part II. Resurgent Cold War: 3. Punitive measures; 4. Minsk II protocol; 5. Partnership to Cold War; 6. War of attrition; Part III. Correlation of Forces: 7. Putin's economy; 8. Ukranian morass; 9. Western secular stagnation; 10. Military cross-currents; 11. X-Factors; Part IV. Duty to Prevail: 12. Strategies; 13. Double gaming; Part V. What Is to Be Done: 14. Coexistence; 15. Eternal Russia.
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