War's Logic

War's Logic

Strategic Thought and the American Way of War

Echevarria II, Antulio J.

Cambridge University Press






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Introduction; Part I. First Principles and Modern War: 1. Alfred Thayer Mahan and Sea Power; 2. Billy Mitchell and Air Power; Part II. The Revolt of the Strategy Intellectuals: 3. Bernard Brodie, Robert Osgood and Limited War; 4. Thomas Schelling; War as Bargaining and Coercion; 5. Herman Kahn and Escalation; Part III. The Counterrevolution of the Military Intellectuals: 6. Henry Eccles and Reforming Strategic Theory; 7. J.C. Wiley and Strategy as Control; 8. Harry Summers and the Principles of War; Part IV. The Insurrection of the Operational Artists: 9. John Boyd, William Lind and Maneuver; 10. John Warden and Air Operational Art; Conclusion.
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