Human Embryo In Vitro

Human Embryo In Vitro

Breaking the Legal Stalemate

McMillan, Catriona A. W.

Cambridge University Press






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Introduction; Part I. Into Liminality: 1. The evolution of 'the embryo' in law: a matter of process?; 2. 'The embryo' in law today: the human fertilisation and embryology act 1990 and beyond; 3. From process to purgatory: moving beyond legal stasis; Part II. Through Liminality: 4. Navigating legal purgatory: the otherness of embryos; 5. A liminal lens; Part III. Out of liminality: 6. A context based approach; 7. Looking forward: the 14-day rule, in vitro gametogenesis, and ectogenesis; Conclusion; Bibliography.
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embryo in vitro; law; liminality; special status; 14-day rule; ectogenesis; IVG; uncanny; gothic; Human Fertilisation and Embryology Act; 1990.