Decline of the Caste Question

Decline of the Caste Question

Jogendranath Mandal and the Defeat of Dalit Politics in Bengal

Sen, Dwaipayan

Cambridge University Press






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List of figures; Acknowledgments; Introduction: rethinking castelessness in mid-20th-century Bengal; 1. Jogendranath Mandal, the politics of caste, and provincial autonomy, 1932-37; 2. Representation, education and agrarian reform: Jogendranath Mandal and the demands of Dalit politics, 1937-43; 3. A separate political existence: the making of the Bengal Scheduled Castes Federation, 1943-45; 4. 'No matter how, Jogendranath had to be defeated': the Scheduled Castes Federation and the partition of Bengal, 1945-47; 5. Betrayed expectations: East Pakistan and West Bengal, 1947-50; 6. 'A Caste Hindu State': Jogendranath Mandal and the forced removal of Dalit refugees, 1950-64; 7. The decline of the caste question: the defeat of Dalit politics in Bengal, 1952-68; Conclusion: '... the most casteist society in India'; Bibliography; Index.
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