Cambridge History of the Gothic: Volume 1, Gothic in the Long Eighteenth Century

Cambridge History of the Gothic: Volume 1, Gothic in the Long Eighteenth Century

Volume 1: Gothic in the Long Eighteenth Century


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Introduction: The Gothic in/and History Dale Townshend, Angela Wright and Catherine Spooner 1. The Goths in Ancient History David M. Gwynn; 2. The Term 'Gothic' in the Long Eighteenth Century, 1680-1800 Nick Groom; 3. The Literary Gothic Before Horace Walpole's The Castle of Otranto Dale Townshend; 4. Gothic Revival Architecture Before Horace Walpole's Strawberry Hill Peter N. Lindfield; 5. Horace Walpole and the Gothic Stephen Clarke; 6. Shakespeare's Gothic Transmigrations Anne Williams; 7. Reassessing the Gothic / Classical Relationship James Uden; 8. 'A World of Bad Spirits': The Terrors of Eighteenth-Century Empire Ruth Scobie; 9. In Their Blood: The Eighteenth-Century Gothic Stage Paula R. Backscheider; 10. Domestic Gothic Writing after Horace Walpole and before Ann Radcliffe Deborah Russell; 11. Early British Gothic and the American Revolution James Watt; 12. Gothic and the French Revolution, 1789-1804 Fanny Lacote; 13. The Aesthetics of Terror and Horror: A Genealogy Eric Parisot; 14. Ann Radcliffe and Matthew Lewis Angela Wright; 15. The Gothic Novel Beyond Radcliffe and Lewis Yael Shapira; 16. Oriental Gothic: Imperial-Commercial Nightmares from the Eighteenth Century to the Romantic Period Diego Saglia; 17. The German 'School' of Horrors: A Pharmacology of the Gothic Barry Murnane; 18. Gothic and the History of Sexuality Jolene Zigarovich; 19. Gothic Art and Gothic Culture in the Romantic Era Martin Myrone; 20. Time in the Gothic Robert Miles; Select Bibliography
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