Cambridge Companion to Shakespeare's Language

Cambridge Companion to Shakespeare's Language

Magnusson, Lynne; Schalkwyk, David

Cambridge University Press






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Part I. Basic Elements: 1. Shakespeare and the problem of style Jeff Dolven; 2. Shakespeare's creativity with words Alysia Kolentsis; 3. The performative power of Shakespeare's language David Schalkwyk; 4. Verse and metre Oliver Morgan; 5. The dynamics of Shakespearean dialogue Lynne Magnusson; 6. Figures of speech at work Ruth Morse; Part II. Shaping Contexts: 7. Approaching Shakespeare through rhetoric Peter Mack; 8. Shakespeare and social languages James Siemon; Part III. New Technologies: 9. Digital approaches to Shakespeare's language Jonathan Hope; 10. Authorship, computers, and comparative style Hugh Craig; 11. Reading in time: cognitive dynamics and the literary experience of Shakespeare Amy Cook and Seth Frey; Part IV. Contemporary Sites for Language Change: 12. Writing for actors: language that cues performance Carol Chillington Rutter; 13. Language and translation Dirk Delabastita; 14. Popular culture and Shakespeare's language Douglas M. Lanier.
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