Sex Offender Registration and Community Notification Laws

Sex Offender Registration and Community Notification Laws

An Empirical Evaluation

Logan, Wayne; Prescott, J.J.

Cambridge University Press






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Preface; 1. Origins and Evolution Wayne A. Logan; 2. Variations in the Structure and Operation of SORN Systems Andrew J. Harris and Scott M. Walfield; 3. Registries and Registrants: Research on the Composition of Registries Alissa R. Ackerman; 4. Law Enforcement and SORN Richard Tewksbury and Kristen Zgoba; 5. The Public and SORN Laws Lisa L. Sample; 6. The Ancillary Consequenvces of SORN Kelly Socia; 7. Offenders and SORN Laws J.J. Prescott and Amanda Agan; 8. Integrating the Etiology of Sexual Offending into Evidence-Based Policy and Practices Jill S. Levenson; 9. Junvenile Registration and Notification: Failed Policeis That Must End Elizazeth J. Letourneau; Conclusion.
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