Carceral Logics

Carceral Logics

Human Incarceration and Animal Captivity

Gruen, Lori; Marceau, Justin

Cambridge University Press






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Introduction Lori Gruen and Justin Marceau; Part I. Carceral Thinking in Animal Protection: Justifications and Repudiations: 1. Saved: the historical roots of humane carceral logics in the United States Paula Tarankow; 2. Criminal animal abuse: interconnectedness, and human morality Richard L. Cupp, Jr; 3. Giving a voice to the voiceless: a prosecutor's efforts to combat animal cruelty Ashley N. Beck; 4. Examining anticruelty enhancements: historical context and policy advances Pamela D. Frasch; 5. Carceral progressivism and animal victims Benjamin Levin; Part II. Animal Law in Context: The Limits of Carceral Strategies: 6. Spectacular immigration enforcement in hidden spaces aging and immigration enforcement Jennifer M. Chacon; 7. Against a 'war on animal cruelty': lessons from the war on drugs and mass incarceration Sam Kamin; 8. Criminalization as a solution to abuse: a cautionary tale Tamara L. Kuennen; 9. Humanizing animals, dehumanizing humans Aya Gruber; 10. Treating humans worse than animals? Exposing a false solitary confinement narrative Delcianna Winders; 11. Carceral logics beyond incarceration Justin F. Marceau; Part III. Implications of Carceral Logics and Carceral Spaces for Animals and for Humans: 12. Incarcerating animals and egregious losses of freedoms Jessica Pierce and Marc Bekoff; 13. Juvenile smokescreens: softening the harm of zoos, aquaria and prisons through (human) children Maneesha Deckha; 14. Bovine lives and the making of a nineteenth-century American carceral archipelago Karen M. Morin; 15. Animals in prison: collateral damage and commodities of 'rehabilitation' Kelly Struthers Montford; 16. Political prisoners and the repression of animal liberation and intersectional environmental justice movements David N.Pellow; Part IV. Challenging Captivity and Changing Carceral Thinking: 17. Cause lawyering for the caged: invisibility, moral suasion, and defranchisement in the prisoners' rights and animal protection movements Alan K. Chen and Vikram David Amar; 18. Litigating animal capitivy: habeas corpus in the carceral state Jessica Eisen; 19. 'True' imprisonment Douglas A. Kysa; 20. Imagining animal rights as a civil rights movement Will Potter; 21. Abolition: thinking beyond carceral logics Lori Gruen.
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