School Bullying in Different Cultures

School Bullying in Different Cultures

Eastern and Western Perspectives

Kwak, Keumjoo; Toda, Yuichi; Smith, Peter K.

Cambridge University Press






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Part I. Social Awareness and Research on Bullying and Cyberbullying: 1. Research on bullying in schools in European countries Peter K. Smith; 2. Research on bullying in North America Sheri Bauman, Julian Mendez, Wendy Craig and Faye Mishna; 3. Research on bullying in schools in Australasia Phillip Slee, Keith Sullivan, Vanessa A. Green, Susie Harcourt and Tegan E. Lynch; 4. Bullying (ijime) and related problems in Japan: history and research Yuichi Toda; 5. The Korean research tradition on wang-ta Keumjoo Kwak and Seung-ha Lee; 6. Research on school bullying in mainland China Wenxin Zhang, Liang Chen and Guanghui Chen; 7. Bullying in Hong Kong schools Siu-Fung Lin and Chi Leung Lai; Part II. Direct Cross-National Data Comparisons: 8. Comparisons between English bullying and Japanese ijime Tomoyuki Kanetsuna; 9. Children's experience of and attitudes towards bullying and victimization: a cross-cultural comparison between China and England Linqin Ji, Wenxin Zhang and Kevin Jones; 10. Peer support in England, Japan and South Korea Helen Cowie and Alana James; Part III. Issues in Cross-National Comparisons: 11. Theoretical and methodological issues in making cross-national and cross-cultural comparisons Esther Guillaume and David Funder; 12. Educational systems: a basis for some comparative perspectives John Jessel; 13. Individualism/collectivism as predictors of relational and physical victimization in Japan and Austria Dagmar Strohmeier, Takuya Yanagida and Yuichi Toda; 14. Linguistic issues in studying bullying-related phenomena: data from a revised cartoon task Peter K. Smith, Keumjoo Kwak, Rubina Hanif, Tomoyuki Kanetsuna, Jess Mahdavi, Siu-Fung Lin, Ragnar Olafsson and Zehra Ucanok; Part IV. Practical Measures to Reduce Bullying Problems: 15. Actions to prevent bullying in Western countries Peter K. Smith, Fran Thompson, Wendy Craig, Irene Hong, Phillip Slee, Keith Sullivan and Vanessa A. Green; 16. Actions against ijime and net-ijime in Japan Tomoyuki Kanetsuna and Yuichi Toda; 17. Intervention programs in South Korea Keumjoo Kwak; 18. Interventions against bullying in mainland China Wenxin Zhang; 19. Interventions against bullying in Hong Kong Siu-Fung Lin and Chi Leung Lai; Part V. Conclusions: 20. Reflections on bullying in Eastern and Western perspectives Peter K. Smith, Keumjoo Kwak and Yuichi Toda.