Rights Come to Mind

Rights Come to Mind

Brain Injury, Ethics, and the Struggle for Consciousness

Fins, Joseph J. (Cornell University, New York)

Cambridge University Press






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Joseph J. Fins calls for a reconsideration of severe brain injury treatment, including discussion of public policy and physician advocacy.
1. Decisions; 2. The injury; 3. Coming to terms with brain injury; 4. The origins of the vegetative state; 5. A shift since Quinlan; 6. Maggie's wishes; 7. Something happened in Arkansas; 8. From PVS to MCS; 9. Leaving the hospital; 10. Heather's story; 11. Neuroimaging and neuroscience in the public mind; 12. Contractures and contradictions: medical necessity and the injured brain; 13. Minds, monuments, and moments; 14. Heads and hearts, toil and tears; 15. What do families want?; 16. Deep brain stimulation in MCS; 17. Mending our brains, minding our ethics; 18. It's still freedom; 19. Maggie's in town; 20. When consciousness becomes prosthetic; 21. The rights of mind; 22. A call for advocacy.
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