Ethics in Neurosurgical Practice

Ethics in Neurosurgical Practice

Honeybul, Stephen

Cambridge University Press






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Introduction Stephen Honeybul; Part I. General Ethics: 1. Introduction and principles of bioethics Ian Kerridge; 2. Models and methods in ethics Cara Sedney; 3. The concept and implementation of values based medicine (VsBM) in neurosurger Ahmed Ammar and Tiit Mathiesen; 4. The three functions of consent in neurosurgery Cameron Stewart and Ian Kerridge; 5. Withholding and withdrawing medical treatment: legal, ethical and practical considerations Cameron Stewart, Tiit Mathiesen and Ahmed Ammar; 6. Surgical training Magnus Tisell and Naci Balak; 7. The aging surgeon Stephen Honeybul and Gene Bolles; 8. Healthcare economics Naci Balak and Magnus Tisell; 9. Patient data, ownership, storage, and social media David Cote and Timothy Smith; Part II. Neurosurgery Specific Bioethics: 10. Historical overview of ethics in neurosurgery Cara Sedney; 11. Evidence-based neurosurgery: principles, applicability and challenges Ignatius Esene; 12. Ethical challenges of neurosurgical care for brain tumour patients Marike Broekman, Alexander Hulsbergen and Timothy Smith; 13. Severe traumatic brain injury Stephen Honeybul, Kwok Ho and Grant Gillett; 14. 'Malignant' middle cerebral artery infarction Stephen Honeybul, Volker Puetz and Lars-Peder Pallesen; 15. Aneurysmal subarachnoid haemorrhage Stephen Honeybul and Albert Chiu; 16. Paediatric neurosurgery Naci Balak and Ulrika Sandvik; 17. Spinal neurosurgery Cara Sedney; 18. Ethical challenges in psychosurgery: a new start or more of the same? Paul A. Komesaroff and Jeffrey Rosenfeld; 19. Brain death and organ donation George Skowronski and Ian Kerridge; Part III. Future Developments: 20. Ethical aspects of innovation in neurosurgery Mario Ammirati, Jeffrey Rosenfeld and Alexander Hulsbergen; 21. Stem cells and brain repair: ethical considerations Ivar Mendez; 22. Brain machine-interface technology in neurosurgery Jeffrey Rosenfeld and Marike Broekman; 23. International neurosurgery Ann Mansur and Mark Bernstein; 24. Live televised surgery Eiichi Ishikawa, Nobuyuki Sakai, Stephen Honeybul and Akira Matsumura; Index.
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