Revisiting the Vietnam War and International Law

Revisiting the Vietnam War and International Law

Views and Interpretations of Richard Falk

Andersson, Stefan (Lunds Universitet, Sweden)

Cambridge University Press






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The Vietnam War was a significant historical event that has had profound implications for international law and state actions. This book brings together essays by top international lawyer and commentator Richard Falk on the Vietnam War and its relationship to international law, American foreign policy, and the global world order.
Foreword: the harmful legacy of lawlessness in Vietnam Richard Falk; Preface; Acknowledgments; Part I. The US Role in Vietnam and International Law: 1. A Vietnam settlement: the view from Hanoi; 2. US in Vietnam: rationale and law; 3. International law and the United States role in the Vietnam War; 4. International law and the United States role in Vietnam: A Response to Professor Moore; 5. The six legal dimensions of the United States involvement in the Vietnam War; Part II. War and War Crimes: 6. Appropriating Tet; 7. Son My: war crimes and individual responsibility; 8. The Cambodian Operation and international law; Part III. The Vietnam War and the Nuremberg Principles: 9. The Nuremberg Defense in the Pentagon Papers case; 10. A Nuremberg perspective on the trial of Karl Armstrong; 11. Telford Taylor and the legacy of Nuremberg; Part IV. The Legacy of the Vietnam War: 12. Learning from Vietnam; 13. The Vietnam syndrome: from the Gulf of Tonkin to Iraq; 14. 'The Vietnam Syndrome' the Kerrey Revelations raise anew issues of morality and military power; 15. Why the legal debate on the Vietnam War still matters; Index.
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