Before and After the Fall

Before and After the Fall

World Politics and the End of the Cold War

Bartel, Fritz; Monteiro, Nuno P.

Cambridge University Press






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Introduction Fritz Bartel and Nuno P. Monteiro; Part I. Sources of Continuity and Change: 1. Overcoming stagnation: global finance and the search for 'New Thinking' on the end of the cold war Fritz Bartel; 2. Mikhail Gorbachev: the anatomy of new thinking Sergey Radchenko; 3. Peace through strength and quiet diplomacy: grand strategy lessons from the Reagan administration Simon Miles; 4. 'Keeping them well behind': the United States, Soviet decline, and the shape of European security at cold war's end Joshua Shifrinson; 5. Only one way forward: the Chinese communist party and the rupture of 1989 Julian B. Gewirtz; Part II. Continuity and Change across the 1989/91 Divide: 6. The nuclear age: during and after the cold war Robert Jervis; 7. Legitimating primacy after the cold war: how liberal talk matters to US foreign policy Stacie E. Goddard and Ronald R. Krebs; 8. Russia's rejection of liberal politics: Marxist critiques of Trotsky and Fukuyama Chris Miller; 9. Continuity and change in Russian grand strategy Michael Kofman; 10. The stickiness of strategy: Soviet and Russian nuclear doctrine Kristin ven Bruusgaard; 11. Avoiding the limelight: Deng Xiaoping and China's policy toward the United States, 1989-1991 Yafeng Xia; Part III. Toward a New World Order?: 12. Great powers and the spread of autocracy since the cold war Seva Gunitsky; 13. Seeds of failure: the end of the cold war and the failure of the Russian democratic transition and western integration Daniel Deudney and G. John Ikenberry; 14. The United States and NATO after the end of the cold war: explaining and evaluating enlargement and its alternatives James Goldgeier and Joshua Shifrinson; 15. The historical legacy of 1989: the arc to another cold war? Mary Sarotte; 16. Requiem for a cold war: America, Russia, and the muslim world 1985-1993 Douglas Little; 17. After primacy: exploring the contours of 21st century great power rivalry Rebecca Lissner, Mira Rapp-Hooper, Don Casler and Laura Resnick Samotin; 18. World order across the end of the cold war Nuno P. Monteiro.
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