Regulating the Sea

Regulating the Sea

A Socio-Legal Analysis of English Marine Protected Areas

Pieraccini, Margherita

Cambridge University Press






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Introduction; 1. The geography of regulation: MPAS, commons and commoning; 2. Multi-level regulation of English MPAs: an introductory map. 3. Impact assessments for MPAs: the Costs of Cost-Benefit Analysis; 4. Risk-Based Regulation: the Case of the Revised Approach to Fisheries in MPAs; 5. Marine conservation zones designation: whose voices have been included?; 6. Environmental democracy in MPAs management: the role of inshore fisheries conservation authorities and environmental NGOs; 7. Climate change and MPAs network: adaptive governance in English marine conservation law; 8. MPAs regulation in the context of regulatory uncertainty and change: reflections on Brexit.
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