Environmental Rights

Environmental Rights

The Development of Standards

Razzaque, Jona; Turner, Stephen J.; Shelton, Dinah L.; McIntyre, Owen; May, James R.

Cambridge University Press






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1. Introduction: a brief history of environmental rights and the development of standards Stephen J. Turner; 2. Environmental rights and international human rights covenants: what standards are relevant? Sumudu Attapatu; 3. The ECHR, environment-based human rights claims and the search for standards Karen Morrow; 4. The American Convention on Human Rights and environmental rights standards Evadne Grant; 5. The African Charter on Human and Peoples' Rights and environmental rights standards Louis Kotze and Anel du Plessis; 6. The Aarhus Convention: standards for access to justice in environmental matters Aine Ryall; 7. The emergence of standards regarding the right of access to water and sanitation Owen McIntyre; 8. Standards in the procedural rights of multilateral environmental agreements Lara Ognibene and Angela Kariuki; 9. A stock-taking of FPIC standards in international environmental law Jona Razzaque; 10. Environmental standards and the right to life in India: regulatory frameworks and judicial enterprise Gitanjali N. Gill; 11. Environmental standards in the Portuguese Constitution Alexandra Aragao; 12. The Argentinean Constitution and its relationship with environmental standards Silvia Nonna; 13. The South African Constitution - Standards of Environmental Protection Nathan J. Cooper; 14. The French Charter of the Environment and Standards of Environmental Protection David Marrani and Stephen J. Turner; 15. The Constitution of Bhutan: a quantitative environmental standard Stephen J. Turner; 16. The rights to nature: guiding our responsibilities through standards Craig Kauffman and Linda Sheehan; 17. Standards in sub-national environmental constitutionalism Erin Daly and James R. May; 18. Conclusion: analyzing the development of standards in the field of environmental rights Stephen J. Turner.