Quantum Scaling in Many-Body Systems

Quantum Scaling in Many-Body Systems

An Approach to Quantum Phase Transitions

Continentino, Mucio (Centro Brasileiro de Pesquisas Fisicas, Brazil)

Cambridge University Press






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Quantum phase transitions are of strong relevance to several fields, from condensed matter to quantum field theory. This updated edition approaches the problem of quantum phase transitions from a new and unifying perspective. With a focus on understanding experimental results, it is an excellent text for both graduates and professionals.
Preface; 1. Scaling theory of quantum critical phenomena; 2. Landau and Gaussian theories; 3. Real space renormalization group approach; 4. Renormalisation group: the expansion; 5. Quantum phase transitions; 6. Heavy fermions; 7. A microscopic model for heavy fermions; 8. Metal and superuid-insulator transitions; 9. Density-driven metal-insulator transitions; 10. Mott transitions; 11. The non-linear sigma model; 12. Superconductor quantum critical points; 13. Topological quantum phase transitions; 14. Fluctuation-induced quantum phase transitions; 15. Scaling theory of first order quantum phase transitions; Appendix 1. Green's functions; References; Index.
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