Quantum Field Theory and Condensed Matter

Quantum Field Theory and Condensed Matter

An Introduction

Shankar, Ramamurti (Yale University, Connecticut)

Cambridge University Press






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This book provides a review of the application of quantum field theory to condensed matter systems, introducing important techniques in condensed matter theory.
Preface; 1. Thermodynamics and statistical mechanics review; 2. Ising model in d = 0 and d = 1; 3. Statistical to quantum mechanics; 4. Quantum to statistical mechanics; 5. Feynman path integral; 6. Coherent state path integrals for spins, bosons and fermions; 7. The two-dimensional Ising model; 8. Exact solution of the two-dimensional Ising model; 9. Majorana fermions; 10. Gauge theories; 11. The renormalization group; 12. Critical phenomena: the puzzle and resolution; 13. RG for the 4 model; 14. Two views of renormalization; 15. RG for non-relativistic fermions: I; 16. RG for non-relativistic fermions: II; 17. Bosonization I: the fermion-boson dictionary; 18. Bosonization II: selected applications; 19. Duality and triality; 20. Techniques for the QHE; Index.
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