Cambridge Texts in Biomedical Engineering

Cambridge Texts in Biomedical Engineering

Bigio, Irving J. (Boston University); Fantini, Sergio (Tufts University, Massachusetts)

Cambridge University Press






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Aimed at graduate level biomedical optics courses, this comprehensive text provides a rigorous quantitative approach. Based on clear explanations of underlying physical science principles, this book brings together a broad range of topics including spectroscopic techniques, imaging techniques and laser-tissue interactions. Practical problem sets and selected solutions complete the package.
1. Nomenclature; 2. Overview of tissue optical properties; 3. Introduction to biomedical statistics for diagnostic applications; 4. General concepts of tissue spectroscopy and instrumentation; 5. Autofluorescence spectroscopy and reporter fluorescence; 6. Raman and infrared spectroscopy of vibrational modes; 7. Elastic and quasi-elastic scattering from cells and small structures; 8. Diffuse reflectance spectroscopy at small source-detector separations; 9. Transport theory and the diffusion equation; 10. Continuous-wave methods for tissue spectroscopy; 11. Time-domain methods for tissue spectroscopy in the diffusion regime; 12. Frequency-domain methods for tissue spectroscopy in the diffusion regime; 13. Instrumentation and experimental methods for diffuse tissue spectroscopy; 14. Diffuse optical imaging and tomography; 15. In vivo applications of diffuse optical spectroscopy and imaging; 16. Combining light and ultrasound: acousto-optics and opto-acoustics; 17. Modern optical microscopy for biomedical applications; 18. Optical coherence tomography; 19. Optical tweezers and laser-tissue interactions.
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