Introduction to Optical Microscopy

Introduction to Optical Microscopy

Mertz, Jerome (Boston University)

Cambridge University Press






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This self-contained new edition introduces the theory and practice of a range of classical and modern optical microscopy techniques. With two brand new chapters, it is ideal for graduate students in electrical engineering, biomedical engineering, and physics, and is an excellent resource for advanced undergraduates, researchers, and professionals.
1. Introduction; 2. Monochromatic wave propagation; 3. Monochromatic field propagation through lens; 4. Intensity propagation; 5. 3D imaging; 6. Radiometry; 7. Intensity fluctuations; 8. Detection noise; 9. Absorption and scattering; 10. Widefield microscopy; 11. Interference microscopy; 12. Optical coherence tomography; 13. Fluorescence; 14. Confocal microscopy; 15. Structured illumination microscopy; 16. Multiphoton microscopy; 17. Multiharmonic microscopy; 18. Pump-probe microscopy; 19. Superresolution; 20. Imaging in scattering media; Appendix A. Properties of Fourier transforms; Appendix B. Miscellaneous math; Appendix C. Jones matrix description of polarization.
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