Purpose and Cognition

Purpose and Cognition

Edward Tolman and the Transformation of American Psychology

Carroll, David W.

Cambridge University Press






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This book will be of value to psychologists and historians interested in twentieth-century American psychology. It discusses how Edward Tolman drew from European psychology (particularly Gestalt theory) to promote the concept of the cognitive map. His story is an essential contribution to our understanding of America, and American psychology, at mid-century.
Preface; Introduction; 1. Growing up in New England; 2. The Harvard milieu; 3. Out West; 4. A new formula for behaviorism; 5. Purposive behaviorism; 6. The turn toward operationism; 7. 'A concern for social events'; 8. Cognitive maps; 9. The loyalty oath; 10. The legacy of Edward Chace Tolman; References; Index.
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