Cambridge Handbook of Animal Cognition

Cambridge Handbook of Animal Cognition

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Section I. Communication and Language: 1.1 Communication and Language Overview Federico Rossano and Stephan Kaufhold; 1.2 Communication in Ant Societies Baptiste Piqueret and Patrizia d'Ettorre; 1.3 Symbolic Communication in the Grey Parrot Irene M. Pepperberg; 1.4 Communication in Dogs and Wolves Katalin Olah, Jozsef Topal and Anna Gergely; Section II. Memory and Recall: 2.6 Memory and Recall Overview Gema Martin-Ordas; 2.7 A Fish Memory Tale: Memory and Recall in Fish and Sharks Catarina Vila Pouca, Louise Tosetto and Culum Brown; 2.8 Memory in Humming Birds Maria Cristina Tello-Ramos and David J Pritchard; 2.9 Event Memory in Rats Jonathon D. Crystal; 2.10 Primate Recall Memory Molly Flessert and Michael J. Beran; Section III. Social Cognition: 3.11 Social Cognition Overview Juan C. Gomez; 3.12 Proximate and Ultimate Mechanisms of Cooperation in Fishes Joachim G. Frommen and Stefan Fischer; 3.13 Evolutionary and Neural Bases of the Sense of Animacy Elena Lorenzi and Giorgio Vallortigara; 3.14 Raven Social Cognition and Behaviour Thomas Bugnyar; 3.15 Reciprocity in Norway Rats (Rattus Norvegicus) Manon K. Schweinfurth; 3.16 Exploring the Social Minds of Elephants Elizabeth A. Krisch and Joshua M. Plotnik; 3.17 Dolphin Social Cognition Adam A. Pack; 3.18 Mirror Self-Recognition: Five Decades of Primate Research James R. Anderson and David L. Butler; Section IV. Social Learning and Teaching: 4.19 Social Learning and Teaching Overview Rachel L. Kendal; 4.20 Tandem-Running Recruitment by Temnothorax Ants as a Model System for Social Learning Takao Sasaki and Stephen C. Pratt; 4.21 Fish Social Networks Matthew J. Hasenjager and William Hoppitt; 4.22 Social Learning in Birds Victoria E. Lee, Alison L. Greggor and Alex Thornton; 4.23 Social Learning in Chimpanzees Rachel Nelson, Erin Connelly and Lydia M. Hopper; Section V. Numerical and Quantative Abilities: 5.24 Numerical and Quantitative Abilities Overview Sarah T. Boysen; 5.25 Numerical Competence in Fish Christian Agrillo and Maria Elena Miletto Petrazzini; 5.26 Spatial-Numerical Association in Non-Human Animals Rosa Rugani and Orsola Rosa-Salva; 5.27 Perceptual Categorization in Pigeons Olga F. Lazareva; Section VI. Innovation and Problem Solving: 6.28 Innovation and Problem-Solving Overview Daniel Sol; 6.29 General Intelligence (g) in Mice Charles Locurto; 6.30 Bowerbird Innovation and Problem-Solving Jason Keagy; 6.31 Parrot Innovation Theresa Roessler, Berenika Mioduszewska and Alice M.I. Auersperg; 6.32 Innovation in Marine Mammals Allison B. Kaufman; 6.33 Innovation in Capuchin Monkeys Eduardo B. Ottoni; 6.34 Innovation and Problem Solving in Orangutans Anne E. Russon; 6.35 Do Apes and Monkeys Know What They [Don't] Know? The Question of Metacognition in Primates Heidi L. Marsh; 6.36 Decision-Making in Animals: Rational Choices and Adaptive Strategies Francesca De Petrillo and Alexandra G. Rosati.
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