Peacemaking and International Order after the First World War

Peacemaking and International Order after the First World War

Mulligan, William; Jackson, Peter; Sluga, Glenda

Cambridge University Press






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1. Introduction Peter Jackson, William Mulligan, and Glenda Sluga; Part I. Ordering Concepts: 2. Vocabularies of self-determination in 1919: the co-constitution of race and gender in international law Sarah C. Dunstan; 3. Recasting the 'fabric of civilization': the Paris Peace Settlement and international law, Marcus M. Payk; 4. State sovereignty Leonard V. Smith; 5. The crisis of power politics Peter Jackson and William Mulligan; 6. The challenge of an absent peace in the French and British Empires after 1919 Martin Thomas; Part II. Institutions: 7. A 'new diplomacy'?: the Big Four and peacemaking, 1919 Alan Sharp; 8. The League of Nations: the creation and legitimisation of international civil service, Karen Gram-Skjoldager; 9. The enforcement of German disarmament and the international order of the 1920s Andrew Webster; 10. Planning for international financial order: the call for collective responsibility at the Paris Peace Conference Jennifer Siegel; 11. Raw materials and international order from the Great War to the crisis of 1920-1921 Jamie Martin; Part III. Actors and Networks: 12. The Great Conversation: a discussion on peace after the First World War Carl Bouchard; 13. An alternative international relations: socialists, socialist internationalism and the postwar order Talbot Imlay; 14. The Paris Peace Conference and the origins of global feminism Mona L. Siegel; 15. Colonial nationalists and the making of a new international order Erez Manela; Part IV. Counterpoint: 16. The persistence of old diplomacy: the Paris Peace Settlement in perspective T. G. Otte; Afterword: new histories of international order Glenda Sluga.
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