Great War in History

Great War in History

Debates and Controversies, 1914 to the Present

Prost, Antoine; Winter, Jay

Cambridge University Press






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List of figures; Preface to the English edition (2004); Preface to the English edition (2020); Introduction; 1. Three historiographical configurations; 2. Politicians and diplomats: why war and for what aims?; 3. Generals and ministers: who commanded and how?; 4. Soldiers: how did they wage war?; 5. Businessmen, industrialists and bankers: how was the economic war waged?; 6. Workers: did war prevent or provoke revolution?; 7. Civilians: how did they make war and survive it?; 8. Agents of memory: Witnesses and historians, 1918-2000; 9. A new century: the age of the internet; 10. Writing the history of the Great War, 2000-2020; Conclusion: After the Centenary; Select bibliography; Index.
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