Patent Cultures

Patent Cultures

Diversity and Harmonization in Historical Perspective


Cambridge University Press






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Part I. Introductory: 1. Diversity versus harmonization in patent history: an overview Graeme Gooday and Steven Wilf; 2. The 1883 Paris Convention and the impossible unification of industrial property Gabriel Galvez-Behar; 3. One for all? The American patent system and harmonization of international intellectual property laws Zorina Khan; Part II. Americas: Technical Imaginaries: 4. US patent models as specimen and specification Courtney Fullilove; 5. Mexico and the puzzle of partial harmonization: nineteenth-century patent Law reconsidered Edward Beatty; 6. An early patent system in Latin America: the Chilean case, 1840s-1900s Bernardita Escobar Andrae; Part III. Southern Europe: 7. The Italian patent system during the long nineteenth century: from privileges to property rights in a latecomer industrializing country Alessandro Nuvolari and Michelangelo Vasta; 8. Industrial 'property', law, and the politics of invention in Greece, 1900-1940 Stathis Arapostathis; 9. Mediation and harmonization: construction of the Spanish patent system in the twentieth century Ana Romero de Pablos; Part IV. Central and Eastern Europe: 10. The struggle over 'the social function of intellectual work in the economy of nations': engineers, patent law, and enterprise inventions in Germany and their European significance Karl Hall; 11. Multiple loyalties: hybrid patent regimes in the Habsburg empire and its successor states Karl Hall; 12. Patent debates on invention from Tsarist Russia to the Soviet Union Karl Hall; Part V. Asia: 13. Patent policy in India under the British Raj: a bittersweet story of empire and innovation Rajesh Sagar; 14. The India twist to patent culture: investigating its history Tania Sebastian; 15. The life and times of patent no. 2,670: industrial property and public knowledge in early twentieth-century Japan Kjell Ericson; Part VI. Epilogue: 16. Postscript Graeme Gooday and Steven Wilf.
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patent law; harmonization; diversity; colonialism; globalization; resistance.