Monuments and Literary Posterity in Early Modern Drama

Monuments and Literary Posterity in Early Modern Drama

Chalk, Brian (Manhattan College, New York)

Cambridge University Press






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Re-evaluating the relationship between Renaissance dramatists and literary posterity, this book centres on the question of how writers attempted to cope with mortality, with a particular focus on drama and the building of monuments. It will interest scholars and upper-level students of Renaissance drama, memory studies, early modern theatre, and print history.
Introduction: 'raptures of futurity'; 1. 'Let all things end': Marlowe's immortality; 2. Jonson's textual monument; 3. Webster's 'worthyest monument': the problem of posterity in The Duchess of Malfi; 4. 'Mocking life': preemptive commemoration in The Winter's Tale; 5. Fletcher's future: dynasty and collaborative posterity in Henry VIII; Coda: what they hath left us; Select bibliography; Index.