Modelling Nature-based Solutions

Modelling Nature-based Solutions

Integrating Computational and Participatory Scenario Modelling for Environmental Management and Planning

Cambridge University Press






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Introduction Neil Sang; 1. Landscape modelling and stakeholder engagement: participatory approaches and landscape visualisation David Miller, Asa Ode Sang, Iain Brown, Jose Munoz-Rojas, Chen Wang and Gillian Donaldson-Selby; 2. Agent-based models of coupled social and natural systems Jiaqi Ge and Gary Polhill; 3. Modelling nature-based solutions from soil ecosystem services Matthew Aitkenhead; 4. Modelling water resources for nature-based solutions Sarah Dunn; 5. Models at the service of marine nature-based solutions Ioanna Akoumianaki and Arthur Capet; 6. Coastal and freshwater flood models: a review in the context of NBS Neil Sang; 7. Nature-based solutions to urban microclimate regulation Johanna Deak Sjoeman and Erik Johansson; 8. Data mining, machine learning and spatial data infrastructures for scenario modelling Neil Sang and Matthew Aitkenhead; 9. Can geodesign be used to facilitate boundary management for planning and implementation of nature-based solutions? Sarah Gottwald, Ron Janssen and Christopher Raymond; 10. Integrating models into practice-recommendations Neil Sang, Ionna Akoumianaki, Matthew Aitkenhead, David Miller and Asa Ode-Sang; Index.