Model(ing) Justice

Model(ing) Justice

Perfecting the Promise of International Criminal Law

Cambridge University Press






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Introduction: using courts to heal countries: transitional justice and international criminal law; Part I. Using Courts to Heal Countries: Transitional Justice and International Criminal Law: 1. Nuremberg defines our time: the promise of international criminal law; 2. Non-derogation and international criminal law: situating the ICTY; Part II. Applying International Criminal Law's Paradoxes to Paradigmatic International Criminal Law Doctrine: Post Rule of Law Procedure, and Illiberal Theories of Culpability: 3. Post rule of law: international criminal procedure and its evolution before the ICTY; 4. When non-derogable principles meet criminal liability: the justice problem of JCE; Part III. Narrative and Discourse: 5. History, trials, and collective memory; 6. Failures in reconciliation: the lost opportunity of Milan Babic, 'reformed nationalist'; Conclusion, towards 'ICL 3G'.
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