International Sales Law

International Sales Law

A Global Challenge

DiMatteo, Larry A.

Cambridge University Press






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This book brings together scholars from twenty-three countries to review the Convention on Contracts for International Sale of Goods.
Part I. History and Researching the CISG: 1. Global challenge of international sales law Larry A. DiMatteo; 2. History of the CISG and its present status Vikki Rogers and Kaon Lai; 3. CISG: divergences between success-scarcity and theory-practice Olaf Meyer; 4. CISG sources and researching the CISG Marie Stefanini Newman; 5. CISG translation issues: reducing legal babelism Claire M. Germain; 6. CISG in national courts Camilla Andersen; Part II. Interpretation and Use of CISG: 7. Interpretive methodologies in the interpretation of the CISG Larry A. DiMatteo and Andre Janssen; 8. Divergent interpretations - reasons and solutions Ingeborg Schwenzer; 9. Good faith principle - vexata quaestio Francesco G. Mazzotta; 10. CISG and international arbitration Andre Janssen and Matthias Spilker; 11. The CISG as soft law and choice of law Lisa Spagnolo; Part III. Interpreting CISG's Substantive Provisions: 12. Contract formation Morton Midtgaard Fogt; 13. CISG and the battle of the forms Bruno Zeller; 14. Conformity of goods - inspection and notice Harry M. Flechtner; 15. Interpreting fundamental breach Aneta Spaic; Part IV. Remedies and Damages: 16. Remedies - damages, price reduction, avoidance, mitigation, and preservation Ulrich Magnus; 17. Legal costs as reimbursable damages Burghard Piltz; 18. Excuse of impediment and its usefulness Martin Davies; Part V. Country Analyses: Europe: 19. Austria Wolfgang Faber; 20. Baltic states, Belarus, and Ukraine Tadas Klimas; 21. France Sylvaine Poillot-Peruzzetto; 22. Germany country analysis - good faith, formation, and conformity of goods Stefan Kroell; 23. Germany country analysis - remedies Soerren Kiene; 24. Italy Edoardo Ferrante; 25. The Nordic countries Jan Ramberg; 26. CISG in Southeastern Europe Milena Djordjevic and Vladimir Pavic; 27. Spain Pilar Perales Viscasillas and Javier Solana Alvarez; 28. Switzerland Corinne Widmer Luchinger; 29. The Netherlands Sonja A. Kruisinga; Part VI. A World View of the CISG: 30. Islamic legal systems and the CISG: the case of Egypt Hossam A. El-Saghir; 31. Israel Yehuda Adar; 32. New Zealand Petra Butler; 33. Peoples' Republic of China Li Wei; 34. United States and Canada Robert W. Emerson and Ann M. Olazabal; 35. Central and South America Virginia G. Maurer; 36. CISG across national legal systems Larry A. DiMatteo; Part VII. Theoretical Insights: 37. Problems of uniform laws Jan M. Smits; 38. CISG as bridge between common and civil law Sieg Eiselen; 39. Pre-contractual liability and preliminary agreements Marco Torsello; Part VIII. Practitioner's Perspective: 40. Empirical evidence of courts and counsels' approach to the CISG (with some remarks on professional liability) Ulrich Schroeter; 41. CISG and English sales law: an unfair competition Qi Zhou; 42. CISG in context of complementary texts Luca Castellani; 43. Soft laws as models for the improvement of the CISG Ole Lando; 44. Using the CISG proactively Helena Haapio; 45. Future challenge of international sales law Larry A. DiMatteo.
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