International Sales Law

International Sales Law

A Global Challenge

DiMatteo, Larry A.

Cambridge University Press






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This book brings together the top international sales law scholars from twenty-three countries to review the Convention on Contracts for International Sale of Goods (CISG) and its role in the unification of global sales law at present and into the future.
Part I. History and Researching the CISG: 1. Global challenge of international sales law Larry A. DiMatteo; 2. History of the CISG and its present status Vikki Rogers and Kaon Lai; 3. CISG: divergences between success-scarcity and theory-practice Olaf Meyer; 4. CISG sources and researching the CISG Marie Stefanini Newman; 5. CISG translation issues: reducing legal babelism Claire M. Germain; 6. CISG in national courts Camilla Andersen; Part II. Interpretation and Use of CISG: 7. Interpretive methodologies in the interpretation of the CISG Larry A. DiMatteo and Andre Janssen; 8. Divergent interpretations - reasons and solutions Ingeborg Schwenzer; 9. Good faith principle - vexata quaestio Francesco G. Mazzotta; 10. CISG and international arbitration Andre Janssen and Matthias Spilker; 11. The CISG as soft law and choice of law Lisa Spagnolo; Part III. Interpreting CISG's Substantive Provisions: 12. Contract formation Morton Midtgaard Fogt; 13. CISG and the battle of the forms Bruno Zeller; 14. Conformity of goods - inspection and notice Harry M. Flechtner; 15. Interpreting fundamental breach Aneta Spaic; Part IV. Remedies and Damages: 16. Remedies - damages, price reduction, avoidance, mitigation, and preservation Ulrich Magnus; 17. Legal costs as reimbursable damages Burghard Piltz; 18. Excuse of impediment and its usefulness Martin Davies; Part V. Country Analyses: Europe: 19. Austria Wolfgang Faber; 20. Baltic states, Belarus, and Ukraine Tadas Klimas; 21. France Sylvaine Poillot-Peruzzetto; 22. Germany country analysis - good faith, formation, and conformity of goods Stefan Kroell; 23. Germany country analysis - remedies Soerren Kiene; 24. Italy Edoardo Ferrante; 25. The Nordic countries Jan Ramberg; 26. CISG in Southeastern Europe Milena Djordjevic and Vladimir Pavic; 27. Spain Pilar Perales Viscasillas and Javier Solana Alvarez; 28. Switzerland Corinne Widmer Luchinger; 29. The Netherlands Sonja A. Kruisinga; Part VI. A World View of the CISG: 30. Islamic legal systems and the CISG: the case of Egypt Hossam A. El-Saghir; 31. Israel Yehuda Adar; 32. New Zealand Petra Butler; 33. Peoples' Republic of China Li Wei; 34. United States and Canada Robert W. Emerson and Ann M. Olazabal; 35. Central and South America Virginia G. Maurer; 36. CISG across national legal systems Larry A. DiMatteo; Part VII. Theoretical Insights: 37. Problems of uniform laws Jan M. Smits; 38. CISG as bridge between common and civil law Sieg Eiselen; 39. Pre-contractual liability and preliminary agreements Marco Torsello; Part VIII. Practitioner's Perspective: 40. Empirical evidence of courts and counsels' approach to the CISG (with some remarks on professional liability) Ulrich Schroeter; 41. CISG and English sales law: an unfair competition Qi Zhou; 42. CISG in context of complementary texts Luca Castellani; 43. Soft laws as models for the improvement of the CISG Ole Lando; 44. Using the CISG proactively Helena Haapio; 45. Future challenge of international sales law Larry A. DiMatteo.
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