Integrable Systems and Algebraic Geometry: Volume 2

Integrable Systems and Algebraic Geometry: Volume 2

Donagi, Ron; Shaska, Tony

Cambridge University Press






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Algebraic geometry: a celebration of Emma Previato's 65th birthday Ron Donagi and Tony Shaska; 1. Arithmetic analogues of Hamiltonian systems Alexandru Buium; 2. Algebraic spectral curves over Q and their tau-functions Boris Dubrovin; 3. Frobenius split anticanonical divisors Sandor J. Kovacs; 4. Halves of points of an odd degree hyperelliptic curve in its jacobian Yuri G. Zarhin; 5. Normal forms for Kummer surfaces Adrian Clingher and Andreas Malmendier; 6. -functions: old and new results V. M. Buchstaber, V. Z. Enolski and D. V. Leykin; 7. Bergman tau-function: from Einstein equations and Dubrovin-Frobenius manifolds to geometry of moduli spaces Dmitry Korotkin; 8. The rigid body dynamics in an ideal fluid: Clebsch top and Kummer surfaces Jean-Pierre Francoise and Daisuke Tarama; 9. An extension of Delsarte, Goethals and Mac Williams theorem on minimal weight codewords to a class of Reed-Muller type codes Cicero Carvalho and Victor G. L. Neumann; 10. A primer on Lax pairs L. M. Bates and R. C. Churchill; 11. Lattice-theoretic characterizations of classes of groups Roland Schmidt; 12. Jacobi inversion formulae for a curve in Weierstrass normal form Jiyro Komeda and Shigeki Matsutani; 13. Spectral construction of non-holomorphic Eisenstein-type series and their Kronecker limit formula James Cogdell, Jay Jorgenson and Lejla Smajlovic; 14. Some topological applications of theta functions Mauro Spera; 15. Multiple Dedekind zeta values are periods of mixed Tate motives Ivan Horozov; 16. Noncommutative cross-ratio and Schwarz derivative Vladimir Retakh, Vladimir Rubtsov and Georgy Sharygin.
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