Global Norms with a Local Face

Global Norms with a Local Face

Rule-of-Law Promotion and Norm Translation

Cambridge University Press






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Contents; Tables; Figures; List of abbreviations; Acknowledgements; 1. Introduction: between global norms and local translation: 1.1 Shortcomings of the state of the art; 1.2 The argument: interactive norm-translation; 1.3 Design; 1.4 Making translation more democratic?; 1.5 Data collection and analysis; 1.6 Outline of the book; 2. To socialize or to localize?: 2.1 Norm socialization; asymmetric interaction; 2.2 Norm localization: local agency only; 2.3 Beyond existing norm-diffusion research; 2.4 Acknowledging the interactive element; 3. Guatemala and the international community: 3.1 External actors in war-torn Guatemala; 3.2 Guatemala today: engulfed by violence?; 3.3 A difficult relationship: domestic contestation of rule-of-law promotion; 4. Translating children's rights: 4.1 The Convention on the Rights of the Child: the shift to a rights-based approach; 4.2 Interactive translation of the CRC in Guatemala: in search of a family-based approach; 4.3 Reshaping children's rights; 5. Translating a right to access information: 5.1 The development of a global right to information; 5.2 Interactive ATI translation in Guatemala: securing justice or fighting corruption?; 5.3 Reshaping access to information; 6. Translating scripts for rule-of-law commissions: 6.1 Emerging scripts for rule-of-law commissions; 6.2 Translating the UN scripts: human rights or the fight against crime?; 6.3 Reshaping the rule of law in Guatemala; 7. Towards an interactive perspective on norm-translation: 7.1 Moving norm-translation research forward; 7.2 A research agenda for norm translation; 7.3 Shifting coordinates; 8. Balancing global norms and local faces: 8.1 Global norms with a local face: is translation 'a good thing'?; 8.2 Making appropriation (more) democratic; References; Annex 1: list of interview partners; Annex 2: presidential administrations since democratization in Guatemala; Annex 3: data selection media discourses; Discourse on children's rights; Discourse on right to access information; Discourse on scripts for rule-of-law commission.
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