Child Perpetrators on Trial

Child Perpetrators on Trial

Insights from Post-Genocide Rwanda

Barrett, Jastine C.

Cambridge University Press






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Explores how standards of international juvenile justice were operationalised by the state and UNICEF in post-genocide Rwanda. Will appeal to academics, researchers and students of law (in particular child rights and human rights law), socio-legal scholars, international relations scholars and political scientists.
1. Introduction; 2. International standards on child perpetrators of atrocities; 3. Putting international standards into practice; 4. Rwanda: setting the context; 5. Rwanda's responses, in law, policy and practice, to child genocidaires; 6. International actors and the Rwandan child genocidaire; 7. UNICEF Rwanda's policy and advocacy: a strategic approach; 8. Evaluating UNICEF Rwanda's approach: a case of principled pragmatism?; 9. Child perpetrators and child rights: Rwanda and beyond.