From Stoicism to Platonism

From Stoicism to Platonism

The Development of Philosophy, 100 BCE-100 CE

Engberg-Pedersen, Troels (University of Copenhagen)

Cambridge University Press






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A team of experts explores the change in philosophy from around 100 BCE, when monistic Stoicism was the strongest dogmatic school in philosophy, to around 100 CE, when dualistic Platonism began to gain the upper hand - with huge consequences for all later Western philosophy and for Christianity.
List of contributors; Acknowledgements; 1. Introduction: a historiographical essay Troels Engberg-Pedersen; 2. Plato, Chrysippus and Posidonius' theory of affective movements A. G. Long; 3. Cicero's Plato Malcolm Schofield; 4. Are we nearly there yet? Eudorus on Aristotle's Categories George Boys-Stones; 5. Stoicism and Platonism in Arius Didymus Myrto Hatzimichali; 6. Oikeiosis in Stoicism, Antiochus and Arius Didymus Christopher Gill; 7. The Platonist appropriation of Stoic epistemology Mauro Bonazzi; 8. 'Becoming like God' in Platonism and Stoicism Gretchen Reydams-Schils; 9. From Stoicism to Platonism: the difficult case of Philo of Alexandria's De providentia I David T. Runia; 10. From Cicero to Philo of Alexandria: ascending and descending axes in the interpretation of Platonism and Stoicism Carlos Levy; 11. The love of wisdom: Middle Platonism and Stoicism in the Wisdom of Solomon Gregory E. Sterling; 12. Seneca and Epictetus on body, mind and dualism A. A. Long; 13. The dilemma of Paul's physics: features Stoic-Platonist or Platonist-Stoic? Stanley Stowers; 14. The legacy of Musonius Rufus Brad Inwood; 15. Stoic and Platonic reflections on naming in early Christian circles: or what's in a name? Harold W. Attridge; 16. Is Plutarch really hostile to the Stoics? Jan Opsomer; 17. Peripatetic appropriations of oikeiosis: Alexander, Mantissa, chapter 17 Charles Brittain; Bibliography; Index of passages; General index.
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