Experimental Economics

Experimental Economics

Method and Applications

L'Haridon, Olivier (Universite de Rennes I, France); Jacquemet, Nicolas

Cambridge University Press






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Over the past two decades, experimental economics has moved from a fringe activity to become a standard tool for empirical research. Experimental economics can now be regarded as a part of the basic toolkit for applied economics. This book demonstrates how controlled experiments can be a useful in providing evidence relevant to economic research.
Part I. What Is It? An Introduction to Experimental Economics: 1. The emergence of experiments in economics; 2. A laboratory experiment: overview; Part II. Why? The Need for Experiments in Economics: 3. The need for controlled experiments in empirical economics; 4. The need for experimental methods in economic science; Part III. How? Laboratory Experiments in Practice: 5. Designing an experiment: internal validity issues; 6. Conducting an experiment; 7. The econometrics of experimental data; Part IV. What For? What Laboratory Experiments Tell Us: 8. The external validity of experimental results; 9. More accurate theory and better public policies: the contributions of experimental economics.
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