Core Topics in Cardiothoracic Critical Care

Core Topics in Cardiothoracic Critical Care

Jones, Nicola; Hogue, Charles W.; Valchanov, Kamen

Cambridge University Press






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This new edition of Core Topics in Cardiothoracic Critical Care provides a practical guide to the management of patients in the highly specialist setting of cardiothoracic intensive care, delivering core knowledge, in a concise and accessible manner for clinicians from all disciplines, and including expanded sections on ECMO.
Part I. Diagnosis: 1. History and physical examination Joe Arrowsmith; 2. Electrocardiography David Begley; 3. Echocardiography Andrew Roscoe; 4. Coronary angiography Stephen Hoole; 5. Bronchoscopy Pasupathy Sivasothy; 6. Microbiology testing Ruth Capeller; 7. Radiology for cardiothoracic intensivists Deepa Gopalan; Part II. Practical Procedures: 8. Airway management (intubation and tracheostomy) Christiana Burt; 9. Chest drainage Alia Noorani; 10. Cardiac pacing and defibrillation Patrick Heck; 11. Arterial and venous catheterisation and invasive monitoring Chris Meadows; Part III. Therapeutic Intervention: 12. Antibiotics and infections Oana Cole; 13. Blood products and transfusion Martin Besser; 14. Fluid administration Kamen Valchanov; 15. Inotropes and vasopressors Charles Shayan; 16. Sedation and analgesia Barbora Parizkova; 17. Mechanical ventilation (include oscillators, non-invasive ventilation, and differential ventilation) Eric Ortman; 18. Renal replacement therapy Marlise Ostermann; 19. Nutrition Peter Faber; 20. Physiotherapy and rehabilitation Adam Baddeley; Part IV. Advanced Organ Support: 21. Heart failure support: intra-aortic balloon pump Marius Berman; 22. Ventricular assist devices Steven Tsui; 23. Cardiac ECMO David Jenkins; 24. Respiratory ECMO Daniel Brodie; Part V. Acute Disorders: 25A. Cardiac arrest in cardiothoracic intensive care Jonathan Mackay; 25B. Cardiac arrest in out-of-hospital patients Lisen Hockings; 26. Airway emergencies Guillermo Martinez; 27. Chest pain as a symptom Will Davies; 28. Dyspnoea and acute respiratory failure Ken Parhar; 29. Shock Fabio Guarracino; 30. Systemic hypertension Antonio Rubino; 31. Pulmonary hypertension Joanna Pepke-Zaba; 32. The infected patient Simon Finey; 33. Seizures Ari Ercole; 34. Acute abdomen in cardiac ICU Justin Davies; 35. Cardiothoracic trauma Ravi De Silva; 36. The bleeding cardiac surgery patient Jerrold Levy; Part VI. Perioperative Care: The Patient Post Cardiac Surgery: 37. Coronary artery bypass grafting patients in ICU Sam Nashef; 38. Post heart valve surgical patients in ICU Yasir Abu-Omar; 39. Post-pulmonary endarterectomy patients in ICU Choo Ng; 40. Heart transplantation Stephen Pettit; 41. Lung transplantation Jas Parmar; 42. Aortic surgical patients in ICU Pedro Catarino; 43. Thoracic surgical patients Sunit Ghosh; Part VII. Disease Management in CTICU: Incidence, Etiology, Diagnosis, Prognosis, Treatment: 44. Respiratory disorders: ARDS Charlotte Summers; 45. Cardiovascular disorders: the heart failure patient in ICU Jayan Parameshwar; 46. Neurological disorders in cardiothoracic ICU Max Damian; 47. Psychiatric disorders and acute confusional state in cardiothoracic ICU Karin Neufeld; 48. Haematological disorders in cardiothoracic ICU Jerrold Levy; 49. Pregnancy and cardiovascular disease Kiran Salaunkey; 50. Paediatric cardiothoracic ICU Duncan Macrae; 51. Grown-up-congenital-heart disease patients in ICU Susanna Price; 52. Difficult to wean from mechanical ventilation patients in ICU Michael Davies; Part VIII. Provision and Delivery of Cardiothoracic Intensive Care: 53. Nursing in cardiothoracic ICU and outreach care Jo-anne Fowles; 54. Systems and processes in cardiothoracic ICU Alain Vuylsteke; 55. Clinical information systems Matthew Jones; 56. Medico-legal and ethical issues in cardiothoracic ICU Oana Cole; 57. Education in cardiothoracic ICU Amy Needham.
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