Essentials of Disaster Anesthesia

Essentials of Disaster Anesthesia

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1. Disaster anesthesia Knut Ole Sundnes; 2. Preparing to deploy to a remote disaster Joseph McIsaac; 3. Principles of emergency and trauma surgery Christos Giannou, Monemvasia Kastro, and Bruce Paix; 4. Total intravenous anesthesia in disaster anesthesia Phillip Blum and Martin Graves; 5. Inhaled anesthetics and Draw-Over devices in disaster response Carlton Brown; 6. Airway management Michael J Murray; 7. Vascular access, hydration, and fluids Michael J Murray; 8. Critical care delivery for disasters in austere environments Liza Weavind; 9. Children in disasters Simon Hendel; 10. Special populations: children Proshad Efune and Mohammed Iqbal Ahmed; 11. Laboratory tests and blood banking Dan Holmes and Felicity Stone; 12. High-altitude physiology and anesthesia Carlton Brown; 13. Disaster: mental health effects, responses, and what clinicians can do Shaukat A Khan and Kirsten M Wilkins; 14. Considerations when working with children and families Steve J Brassington; 15. Chemical and radiologic exposures in trauma and disasters Joseph McIsaac and Corry Kucik; 16. Pain in disasters Jackson and Pena; 17. Radiology in the austere or disaster environment David Besachio and Daniel Sutton; 18. Communications Marina Zuetell; 19. Security in disaster anesthesia Martin Graves and Corry Kucik; 20. International humanitarian law Christopher M. Burkle; 21. Operation Tomodachi: anesthetic implications Carness and Lenart; 22. Austere obstetric anesthesia Johanna de Haan, Kristin Falce, and Nadia Hernandez; 23. Pharmacy in disaster anesthesia Dr Robert Bishop and Ashlee Klevens Hayes; 24. Regional anesthesia in disaster circumstances Nadia Hernandez and Johanna de Haan; 25. Power and light: Impact of electrical systems failure on the delivery of anesthetic care Frederick W. Burgess and Jordan Anderson.
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