Cognition and Girlhood in Shakespeare's World

Cognition and Girlhood in Shakespeare's World

Rethinking Female Adolescence

Bicks, Caroline

Cambridge University Press






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1. 'A spectacle to men and angells': Juliet Capulet and the case of Mary Glover; 2. 'Imagination helps me': liberating brainwork in Comus, Othello, and The Two Noble Kinsmen; 3. 'The progresse of an art': daughters and the invention of new knowledges; 4. 'If I should tell / My history': memory, trauma, and testimony in Pericles and Hamlet; 5. 'Put on the minde': cognitive play in Gallathea, The Winter's Tale, and The Convent of Pleasure; 6. 'From thirteene Yeares ... resolved to serve God': Mary Ward's adolescent brainwork.
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