Shared Representations

Shared Representations

Sensorimotor Foundations of Social Life


Cambridge University Press






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Part I. Foundations: 1. What it takes to share a task: sharing versus shaping task representations Thomas Dolk and Wolfgang Prinz; 2. Merged minds: integration of bottom-up and top-down processes for social interactions Krista Grigaityte and Marco Iacoboni; 3. A new view of the motor cortex and its relation to social behaviour Michael S. A. Graziano; 4. Beyond action: shared representations in non-motor domains Michel-Pierre Coll and Philip L. Jackson; 5. Cognisance of the neuroimaging methods for studying the social brain Stephanie Cacioppo and John T. Cacioppo; Part II. Imitation and Mimicry: 6. The comparative study of imitation mechanisms in non-human primates Francys Subiaul, Elizabeth Renner and Edward Krajkowksi; 7. The cultural transmission of social information Janine Oostenbroek and Harriet Over; 8. The control of shared representations and social cognition Lara Bardi and Marcel Brass; 9. Neurocognitive explorations of social mimicry Sukhvinder S. Obhi; Part III. Thinking, Perceiving and Acting with Others: 10. Levels of complexity and the duality of gaze: how social attention changes from lab to life K. E. W. Laidlaw, E. F. Risko and A. Kingstone; 11. Acting together: representations and coordination processes Cordula Vesper and Natalie Sebanz; 12. Joint perception Jorina H. von Zimmermann and Daniel C. Richardson; 13. Social antecedents and consequences of behavioural synchrony Daniel Lakens, Thomas Schubert and Maria-Paola Paladino; 14. Musical ensemble performance: representing self, other, and joint action outcomes Peter E. Keller, Giacomo Novembre and Janeen Loehr; Part IV. Understanding Others: 15. The social function of the human mirror system: a motor chauvinist view Antonia Hamilton; 16. Biological tuning of mirror mechanisms: evidence and functional implications Clare Press; 17. Representation of self vs others' actions John A. Dewey and Gunther Knoblich; 18. Reading intention in action Caterina Ansuini, Andrea Cavallo, Cesare Bertone and Christina Becchio; 19. Complementary actions Luisa Sartori; 20. Emotional convergence: a case of contagion? Guillaume Dezacache, Terry Eskenazi and Julie Grezes; Part V. Learning and Development: 21. Shared interoceptive representations: the case of alexithymia Rebecca Brewer, Richard Cook and Geoffrey Bird; 22. Mirror neuron formation via associative learning Caroline Catmur; 23. Disorders of shared representations Jennifer Cook; 24. Learning by diffusion: using diffusion experiments and social network analysis to understand the dynamics of cultural evolution Cameron R. Turner and Emma Flynn; 25. Observational motor learning Heather McGregor and Paul L. Gribble; 26. The impact of action expertise on shared representations Emily S. Cross and Beatriz Calvo-Merino; Part VI. Shared Representations in Applied Contexts: 27. Sport performance: motor expertise and observational learning in sport Cosimo Urgesi and Stergios Makris; 28. Shared mental models in sport and refereeing Dave Collins and Andy Hill; 29. Musical synchronisation, social interaction, and the brain Kristina Waclawik, Sarah Watson and Jessica A. Grahn; 30. You move, I watch, it matters: aesthetic communication in dance Guido Orgs, Dana Caspersen and Patrick Haggard.
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