British Musical Modernism

British Musical Modernism

The Manchester Group and their Contemporaries

Rupprecht, Philip (Duke University, North Carolina)

Cambridge University Press






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The first in-depth historical analysis of British art music post-1945, providing a group-portrait of eleven composers ranging from avant-garde to pop.
Introduction; 1. Between nationalism and the avant garde: defining British modernism; 2. Post-war motifs; 3. Manchester avant-garde: Goehr, Davies and Birtwistle to 1960; 4. A Manchester generation in Paris, London, and Rome: Musgrave, Maw, Crosse, and Bennett; 5. Group portrait in the sixties: Davies, Birtwistle and Goehr to 1967; 6. Instrumental drama: Musgrave and Birtwistle in the sixties; 7. Vernaculars: Bedford and Souster as pop musicians; 8. The incurably heterogeneous Tim Souster: between Elektronische Musik and pop; Epilogue.
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