Archaic Style in English Literature, 1590-1674

Archaic Style in English Literature, 1590-1674

Munro, Lucy (Lecturer in Shakespeare and Early Modern Drama Studies)

Cambridge University Press






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Lucy Munro presents a wide-ranging study of literary style, exploring the conscious use of archaic language by poets and dramatists including Shakespeare, Spenser, Jonson and Milton. The book provides innovative ways of reading linguistic and poetic style, and assessing early modern attitudes towards the past.
Introduction: conceptualising archaism; 1. Within our own memory: Old English and the early modern poet; 2. Chaucer, Gower and the anxiety of obsolescence; 3. Archaic style in religious writing: immutability, controversy, prophecy; 4. Staging generations: archaism and the theatrical past; 5. Shepherds' speech: archaism and early Stuart pastoral drama; 6. Archaism and the 'English' epic; Coda: looking backward, looking forward.
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