Synchresis audio vision tales

Soveral, Isabel; Pombo, Fátima

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The eaw– electroacousticwinds began as a platform that aggregates artists and researchers from several artistic fields who had the desire to contribute on the advancement of tools that stimulates a new way of artistic creation.

The book SYNCHRESIS – audiovisiontales is a collection of articles from different authors, and is the culmination of the eaw2017 international conference, under the same name. Here we will discuss the symbiotic relationship between sound and image, two different languages within the multimedia art form. The technological tools to improve this relationship are the main focus of the proposed articles which stress multiple perspectives on both technical-linguistic and aesthetic points of view.

This audio-vision relationship has become a research focus for different authors in recent decades, namely by discussing on how technology enables the creation of tools for manipulating and enhancing not only the artist’s creativity but also the audience’s immersion.

However, in this field, as in others within the digital humanities realm, new assumptions and theories are created every time technology overcomes its constraints and presents a new paradigm. Design and soundscapes aims to discuss and mirror interactions and features between design, sound, silence and the potential to perceive space, place and time.

Intending to enlarge the scope of the debate, this book presents theoretical frameworks and/or empirical studies that address these topics from a variety of inspiring arguments.
6 Give us some space
Guilherme Campos

14 HASGS [Hybrid Augmented Saxophone of Gestural Symbiosis] Generating
Visual and Graphical Feedback
Henrique Portovedo, Paulo Ferreira Lopes & Ricardo Mendes

22 Cinema and Sound Design: Domingo à Tarde (1966) [Sunday Afternoon]
from António de Macedo
António de Sousa Dias

35 Seeing with One’s Own Ears: Soundtrack as Interface for Theatre
Mat Dalgleish & Neil Reading

42 Sonic landscapes, visual environments. Interaction and synchronicity in
composition and live performance.
Jaime Munárriz Ortiz

57 Teatro Olimpico by Andrea Palladio an iconic stage scenario and the
diffused lightning system by Mariano Fortuny – enhancing the aura of
mystery in the Wagnerian universe
Anna Marie Fisker

64 SensaSound
Nadine Leles, Carlos Carvalho & Joel Paulo

73 Film dialogue and lyrics as catalysts for speech production
David Sonnenschein

87 Design as a tool for Education in Dyslexia: the Importance of Musical
Rita Nicolau & Joana Quental

92 Visual representation in musical education: technology and sound-image
Marcelo Baptista & Rui Costa

102 The Consciousness of Sound
Carlos Alberto Augusto

110 Abstract Rhythm Model
Omar Costa Hamido

121 From static to dynamic: representing images
through music
Tânia Barros & Helena Barbosa

128 Beyond dualities – The performing body and the virtual corpus
(a poetic catalogue) & trilogy I
Joana Sá

135 The quality of the Music Room in the domesticity of the Casa dos Patudos.
Raul Lino project of 1905
Liliana Neves & Fátima Pombo

144 Sound in space as a design feature in workplace interiors.
Rita Cruz & Fátima Pombo

154 Symbols – Sign – Sounds
Per Anders Nilsson

165 Synchronizing to Visual Cues in a Networked, Real-Time Notation
Environment – Comprovisador
Pedro Louzeiro

173 Sound as a medium, the performer as a medium
Eunice Artur & Graça Magalhães

181 Perceive to perform: Temporal indeterminacy in music for instrument and
live electronics
Belquior Marques & Pedro João Rodrigues

188 Why Xenakis Never Wrote an Opera
Sharon Kanach

199 Magdala, on the threshold of sensations
Eduardo Patriarca & Isabel Soveral
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