Zimbabwe's International Relations

Zimbabwe's International Relations

Fantasy, Reality and the Making of the State

Gallagher, Julia (Royal Holloway, University of London)

Cambridge University Press






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This book examines the Zimbabwean state and its international relations from the perspective of its citizens, drawing on numerous interviews and over three years of research. It will appeal to those researching international relations in Zimbabwe and Africa, but also those examining the wider state of the field.
1. Introduction: projection, introjection and recognition in international relations; 2. Mugabe vs Blair: the dynamics of projection; 3. Fragmented Zimbabwe; 4. Introjection: imagining the good state; 5. Recognition: Zimbabweans and their neighbours; 6. 2013: Zimbabwe repaired?; 7. Conclusion: fantasy and reality in international relations; 8. Postscript: recognition in research.
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